For Authors - explore high quality peer review.

Unified Scholars and Publishers is delighted to offer authors a computer-controlled peer review process based on the Unified Scholars Platform (USP).

The platform was developed to provide to authors an alternative, high quality, scholarly publishing process that is devoid of the pains and unfairness in the current process.

When you submit your paper to the USP; you are submitting it for evaluation by other experts in the field, who have undergone some vetting to validate their competence to evaluate papers.

Your paper would be evaluated by three (3) experts in the field, who are authorities in the research title of your paper. The three experts consists of two peer reviewers and one editor. The peer reviewers (associate profs) would provide constructive feedbacks to help you improve your paper. While the editor (a professor) would edit your paper and return to you an edited version for you to finish with the peer reviewers feedbacks. They would have twenty five (25) days to submit their feedbacks to the platform.

But, before the peer reviewers and editor work on your paper, the editor (Professor) would do an initial assessment of your paper to determine whether it is worth publishing. If it is of low quality, the editor would reject it and save everyone's time. Nobody wants to peer review or edit low quality papers. If your paper passes the initial assessment/editorial checks, usually done within the first five days, then it would be peer reviewed and edited over the remaining twenty days. And you would receive two feedbacks - one from the peer reviewers, and the other from the editor. Those would help you improve your paper.

When you revise and resubmit your paper, the same editor and peer reviewers would check again that the revised paper is good for publication, before a decision is made. If the paper is accepted, the pre-print would be immediately downloadable from the platform; while our contracting publishers would start the copy-editing and proofreading process, in readiness for the publication of your paper. The foregoing summarizes what authors get when they submit their papers to the USP

So, the USP is a platform where authors get high quality, independent peer review and editing service; and have their papers published in our Unified Journals. For more features of the platform, you need to check the Platform page on this website.

Our peer review quality and standard are guaranteed by the combination of peer reviewers vetting, reports and flagging of low quality feedbacks, automated consequences, feedback assessment and "unusual activities" detection and monitoring. Together, all these ensure that the independent, automated platform meets and continues to meet the expected standard in peer review and scholarly publishing.

Steps to submit a paper

  • Navigate to the webpage of your chosen journal.
  • Download our template and arrange your paper accordingly.
  • From the journal webpage, do your plagiarism check (<=15% pass).
  • Click submit paper and register as guest.
  • Login with the user id and password you get via email
  • Click submit on your USP dashboard and submit your paper.
  • Pay the fees after submitting your paper.

Watch out for email notifications and act on them asap.

Kindly refer to the "guide for authors" document below for detailed information.