About Us

The numerous complaints about scholarly publishing; your frustrations with peer review; your anger at paywalls; your wish to get rid of the obsolete "Journal Impact Factor"; the cries of bias by scholars in some geographical areas; the language/alienation problem; the inefficient process; the duplication of research problem; the unpaid labour racket; the predatory journals mess; etc.

We heard all these complaints and in response, we formed - Unified Scholars and Publishers - as a vehicle to fix them. Thus, Unified Scholars and Publishers Inc. is a start-up company established specifically to solve the persistent problems in scholarly publishing. The company has its headquarters in Delaware, USA; and operates a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK. The company was formed in Nov 2022, to implement the Unified Concept strategy, which we think is a fundamental solution to ALL the problems mentioned above.

But what exactly is the Unified Concept strategy? Please visit the Unified Concept page to find out.

Over the last twenty four (24) months, we have worked independently refining the 'concept', and implementing it digitally as web applications. Hence, this web application is a SaaS for scholarly publishing, that offers a new way to publish, by unifying the fields in a digital platform that services those fields, in the interest of both scholars and publishers.

As a company, we are committed to rethinking a lot of traditional practices in scholarly publishing; and where we find an opportunity to innovate, we would step up and push, in the interest of scholars, authors, publishers and institutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide scholarly publishing web services to scholars, in a way that is expected of the technology age; in a way that meets their expectations; in a way that is convenient for them; and in ways that protect their interest.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish the USP as the dominant peer review service for scholars worldwide; and the UP as the dominant journal indexing database for all fields of specialization, and for scholars, institutions and publishers worldwide.