Call for Papers

Unified Scholars & Publishers, starting from 2024, cordially invites scholars and researchers from all over the world to submit their original research works for consideration and inclusion in the inaugural issues of our Unified Journals.

From 2024, the starting journals and detailed information about each, would be visible on the journals page of this website. Then, the submission of papers can commence.

We strongly recommend that authors read the 'guide for authors' document to familiarize themselves with our publishing process, and also watch the demo videos, all of which could be found on the onboarding page of this website.

Kindly keep an eye on the journals page. It is the starting point for every submission to the USP; and it would contain detailed information about each journal.

We look forward to receiving your papers in 2024.

Why Publish with Us

  • Fairer and transparent peer review process - no bias whatsoever.
  • Service-based peer review and editing - free from pains, delays and frustrations.
  • On-demand, high quality peer review - independent from publishers, but you get published.
  • Global or regional peer review option - the game changer.
  • Low article processing charges.
  • Faster peer review and publishing.
  • Income and wealth redistribution - your money pays scholars & publishers worldwide.
  • Perpetual open access, full authors rights.
  • Company promotes your work.
  • 24/7 customer support.