About Unified Journals

Unified Journals are new global (and regional) journals in all fields of specialization. These journals would be publishing the finest of original, cutting-edge research that have gone through some rigorous, double-blind, multi-stage, digital peer review based on the Unified Scholars Platform (USP). The inaugural issues of our starting journals are expected in the first quarter of 2024.

Unified Journals are published by Unified Scholars and Publishers Inc. The company is supported by an Advisory Board that consists of erudite professors from all over the world, and by publishing partners who have decades of experience in the publishing of periodicals. Each journal is supported by many editors and peer reviewers, all of whom are respected academics and leaders in their respective fields. With respect to the editorial board for our journals, we are proud to say that All editors who support a Journal or Field constitute the editorial board members for that Journal. No appointment or tenure is necessary; membership is automatic, and you can find their names on the peer review page of that field/journal on the Unified Scholars Platform.

Unified Journals are published electronically (e-journals) and in print, with both versions having the same content exactly. The e-journals are open-access journals, and published in html and downloadable pdf formats. And they guarantee full authors rights and the freedom to use and share for academic purposes. Accepted papers are published in e-journals, within few days after a paper is accepted; whilst the print versions are printed on demand.

Unified Journals are offspring of the Unified Concept and powered by the USP. And the concept is strictly opposed to every known journal metrics that are used to qualify existing journals. The Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Indicator, CiteScore, Eigenfactor, SCImago, SNIP, etc., by our assessment, are marketing tools for journals and publishers, and they do not fit within the Unified Concept. Hence, no Unified Journal would be associated with those metrics.

Finally and importantly, Unified Journals do not seek to compete with or outshine existing journals. No. That isn't the journal's aim. Its aim is to champion a new and better scholarly publishing process, based on a unified and stratified peer review as offered on the USP. Unified Journals dare to break away from the pain points in the system; and we do not want to be compared with the status-quo. We are championing our own process, and whilst we do that, we would uphold and continue to uphold the high quality standard in scholarly publishing.