For libraries and institutions

Unified Journals are new international and regional journals in many fields of specialization. They are published in electronic format, and in print or paper formats. New articles, published in English, would appear online each week while print issues would appear three or four times a year. The e-journals would be available to everyone, absolutely free to read and share. Unified Journals would be indexed in our own database named Unified Publishers which is currently in development. Libraries, institutions and organizations would NOT need to sign agreements or buy subscriptions to access Unified Journals or our databases. Part of our mission is to pull down all barriers to access, in whatever form and under whatever guise; and stop the systemic commoditization of research knowledge. Whilst we recognize that there are costs associated with managing and storing files and making them available online; we believe that those cost cannot justify the extortion of individuals, institutions and organizations globally. Hence, there would be NO agreement or subscriptions by libraries, institutions and organizations to access any of our e-journals and databases. Print journals can be ordered for a fee which is used to cover the materials, printing and shipping cost, bur e-journals are absolutely free to read and download. We encourage libraries, organizations and institutions to look out for our Unified Journals coming soon.